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Full Version: Hey did you guys (Frictional Games) take inspiration from the X-Files episode "Ice"?
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*Possible spoilers for both games and TV episode in this topic*

I've just started watching the series (it's on Netflix), and the episode "Ice" in season 1.

It's set in an arctic research station where extra-terrestrial Worms (found by drilling into the frozen surface) invade their hosts and drive them into a blind killing spree. Even if you guys have never seen this episode, I thought it was an interesting and cool little episode. The premise immediately reminded me of Black Plague. Even if this X-Files episode itself took a lot of inspiration from "The Thing" lol.

I hope in no way do you guys (Frictional) think I am insulting your integrity! I'm just pointing out a cool little relation between the two!
Well, there is resemblance but both Penumbra and X-Files might be inspired by In the Mountains of Madness.
Or The Thing.
Spoiler below!