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Full Version: Trouble With Story Setup
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So currently i'm trying to get together a custom story and get into map making for amnesia as you can tell. However despite reading a few script setups and what not for the custom story, it still fails to show up in the stories list when I start up the game.

The below screen shot shows where the custom story folder is located, the current scripts, and what they have in them.

The map does have a script, but no special commands yet since i'm not there yet, and I'd like for the map to work before putting effort into it only for it to not run.
Oh, I see the problem. It should be " StartMap"="" " in your "custom_story_settings.cfg".

I hope it works for you. Smile
Also you should specify your player start position.
(06-27-2011, 04:11 AM)Tanshaydar Wrote: [ -> ]Also you should specify your player start position.

I don't think it's needed; I'm pretty sure I saw it like that in someone else's custom story and it worked fine. Smile
Not a must, but needed if you have more than one playerstart area
(06-27-2011, 04:18 AM)Tanshaydar Wrote: [ -> ]Not a must, but needed if you have more than one playerstart area

True, as I do that for my custom stories anyhow. Tongue
Still doesnt work sadly, I did what you both said. So I really dont know what on earth i'm doing wrong.
Make sure your "custom_story_settings.cfg" looks like this:

    ImgFile = ""
    Name = "Escape"
    Author = "VJ"

    MapsFolder = "maps/"
    StartMap = ""
    StartPos = "PlayerStartArea_1"

In your "maps" folder, you should have 2 files, "" and "work.hps".

Also make sure that the endings of all of those files don't somehow be ".txt". Just making sure, but I think you already had it right. Tongue

For your custom story to work, you need, editable in the "LevelEditor", "" to have a plane (something for the player to stand on) and in the "Areas" category, place a "PlayerStartArea" on the plane. It should now be called "PlayerStartArea_1" like it says in the "custom_story_settings.cfg".

How with the file called "wall.hps" (and yes it has to have the same name as the level), you need to open it with Notepad or Notepad++ and type this in:

void OnStart()


That's all you need for it to run. I hope it helps. Smile
Nvm, it's a bit wierd actually.
Did everything you said again Kyle. No luck sadly. It really frustraits me why It wont simply work.

Edit: So I did a test on creating a new custom story (just a map with floor and a light) and that worked. I'm just wondering why the one I mentioned here isnt working. Maybe it's something in the map?
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