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Full Version: Facts from Amnesia
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Fact: Amnesia does not have a skybox.
Fact: Daniel is just as bad as Alexander.
he just managed to blame everything on others
Fact: There is an barrel of acid in the kitchen.
Fact: In Amnesia, there are rude doors that like to slam in your face.
Fact: Amnesia is the only game that manages to scare you with paintings.
Fact: Wooden doors found in the basement-ish levels can be closed like normal doors, even though they are simple wood squares with no lock at all. Confirmed by the fact that the handle doesn't seem like a handle at all (it seems more like the knocker on my house entrance door).
Fact: All the loaves of bread you find are rotten and mouldy.
Fact: Amnesia is awesome! Big Grin

Fun Fact: There are only naked men in Amnesia Sad Tongue
Fact: Daniel gets away with murder
(07-04-2011, 12:56 AM)Darkchef Wrote: [ -> ]Fact: Daniel gets away with murder

Not factual! We don't know what happened after he left the castle. For all we know, he died in the orb chamber and merely thinks he walked away.

Fact: Some puzzle items are not necessary for completion.
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