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Full Version: Metal thread \m/
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the only death metal that i can stand is SLAYER i hate all the other songs that just scream nonsense in your ears thought you might be thinking thats what slayer does but tis no they do not i can understand them and most of their songs are badass
(01-07-2012, 02:42 AM)BlueFury Wrote: [ -> ]I know you don't like it Tongue

I don't listen to much metal but slipknot has a place in my heart.
I don't like slipknot, because of that Corey Taylor is just shouting and screaming with his throat. It has nothing to do with growling or grunting. I prefer only grunting or only clean vocals. I don't like anything that comes something between them.
I actually adore Corey Taylor's throaty screams. Most of the time it sounds better than growling and grunting (to me at least)

The heaviest I'd go is probably Bring me the Horizon and Asking Alexandria... Not really Death/Black metal either. More like screamo I'd say?
It's called metalcore.
Yeah screamo is the best!

On a more serious note, I'd like to ask you people if you experience any listening fatigue? Since modern pop/metal music is usually very low on dynamic range (variance between the quietest and loudest sounds) do you listen to music for long while or do you have to keep pauses? As for me, I can only listen to a couple of heavy songs until it becomes background noise and not as powerful as the first songs.

I came upon this subject when I tried to listen to slipknot to form words to why I don't like that band. Slipknot is the sort of "so fucking edgy fucked up music" with retarded choruses and breakdowns, but it also has very low dynamic range. Catches the attention for start, but then the constant volume just drags it down and makes it boring. And that brings us to the loudness wars...

and to not be too much of an asshole to not share metal music (not brüütal tho sorry), here:
>fairly fast progressive Sludge
>melodic doom metal
>mellow doom metal, female vocals

(ripped straight from a sharethread)

It's not good to your throat to scream with your throat. I use my midriff to growl and grunt. But I think that Corey succeeds whatever he's doing with his throat (screaming/shouting). And I prefer growling because of that it is more challenging than only shouting. (just my opinion, not for starting argument)
I think that the throaty scream sounds better. I can't really define the difference in screams much but yeah I love Slipknot.

By the way, I hate how Attack! Attack! use auto tuning so much.
Googolplex seems to be a complete troll... Just ignore him.

By the way, I like almost every style of music, if it's good. Most of the songs I've seen here aren't that good... But hey, I'm not hating or anything Tongue
Care to share some songs in this genre you like? Smile

Always wanting to find something new.
When someone says the words: "I like almost every style of music".
They most likely don't listen to much music at all, but just listen to what is heard from radio, friends etc.

Just saying...
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