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Full Version: Metal thread \m/
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Just a few bands and genres what i listen to...Angel

Viking Metal, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Technical Brutal Death Metal... Amon Amarth, Norther, Children Of Bodom, Medicated, Amoral, Insomnium, Imperanon, Dark Funeral, Sotajumala, Six Feet Under, Bloodbath, Hate Eternal, Decapitated, Emeth, Cerebral Bore, Faerghail, Antirauhanturvaaja, Noumena, Katalepsy, Kataklysm, Catafalc, Cannibal Corpse, God Dethroned, Immolation, Moonsorrow, Origin, Viatrophy, Wintersun, Offending, Hate, Zyklon, Behemoth, Nasum, Nile, Blister Germinal, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Brain Drill, Dying Fetus, Deadborn, Deeds Of Flesh, Severe Torture, Disfiguring The Goddess...

There is a lot of other good bands, but I'm too lazy for keeping the list updated Blush

Suggest me good bands what you listen toSmile

My youtube channel: (covers, magic, my one man band and other stuff)

My one man band "Ripped Entrails" on facebook:

Sanity Burial (Brutal Slam Death Metal (Me and my friend's band))

"Ripped Entrails" in Mikseri:
(Downloadable mp3 songs)

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I'd say I am more into the melodic side of things here, not sure I really go for the BR00TAL stuff, but I am into metal such as and

Of yours though, I sure enjoy Amon Amarth :3
I love melodic death, and Progressive metal for the most part. However Bloodbath is a wonderful metal group that's rather out of my spectrum.
But a great group that you might like is Instant Suppression if you enjoy a little technicality and clean vocals as well as screaming (and a female vocalist). Also you probably have heard of Between the Buried and Me, If you haven't they're definitely a good band to look into as well. If you do listen to them, their album Colors is a good start,(their first two aren't to fantastic). Finally, I'm sure you've heard of Meshuggah too, but god forbid you haven't look them up ASAP.

Here are some links

Instant Suppression (BTW their first album is free is you like them)


Get on and use this:

also Strapping Young Lad

Spoiler below!

Although I find Townsend's new work much more interesting Wink
i Think im more into this kind of metal
My opinion: more brutal, much betterWink
Painkiller (best thing to come out of Poland since the Germans) has a very heavy soundtrack. And it's all for free in the game files if you've got it. Serious Sam-style game that's great for blowing off steam (and body parts):
Atrium/Military Fight
Cemetary Fight
Factory Fight
Monastery Fight

The Devil May Cry series also has some pretty hefty music (the 3rd & 4th games anyway) although it falls more under the category of "industrial metal" I think:
Blackened Angel
Forza Del Destino
Devils Never Cry - (quiet intro goes for about 60 seconds)
Lock & Load
Taste the Blood
The Time Has Come
This is shittest music.
It's not really music, its horrible crash.

This one is music you can hear:
(07-18-2011, 05:43 PM)Googolplex Wrote: [ -> ]This is shittest music.
It's not really music, its horrible crash.