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Full Version: Illumination [Underwater Demonstration Video]
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This story will be awesome! The underwater mechanics will open up new horizons for all story makers. Keep up the good work!
WOW. The underwater idea is frickin GREAT! This will be big ... I feel it.
Hello, I've registered for the sole sake of asking about this custom story. This looks really interesting! Any development news?

I love how everything looks so damp... the water trickling from above is nice, too. The premise sounds simple but effective, I'm looking forward to this.

You're still working on this, right?
Currently it's on stand by because of the increasingly difficult workloads of homework I get on top of the average school difficulty. Though I hadn't expected it to be so much, I have to find the time to work on it once more. Expect a release date in 2012. Sorry guys. Tongue
No rush! Just glad to hear your still planning on finishing it Smile
S'alright. As long as you're not dropping it, I don't mind waiting. Sleepy
you got that idea from Illumina of your custom story.
(10-08-2011, 01:13 PM)UnseenLegend ( NL ) Wrote: [ -> ]you got that idea from Illumina of your custom story.

I've never heard of this "Illumina" before, care to explain what it is exactly?
Worst pics i've ever seen.
I think I'm just gonna edit this. <3
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