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Full Version: Illumination [Underwater Demonstration Video]
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David Stetzenbach, a young man of the age of 18, is caught in a rainstorm on his way back home from the town market. It has never rained so hard here in Switzerland since 62 years back in 1784. The forest between the market and his small, but comforting house, was crowded with trees, yet the rain still relentlessly pushed through. It was getting worse, his view was obscured by the ever so darkening clouds. The fear of it all made him lose control as he slipped on the muddy ground into a pit of darkness from the loosened soil. From what appeared to be an abandoned cellar, he looked around. He tried to climb the sides of the chasm, but it was too saturated with water. He knew he had to get out quick before it was completely filled with water, so he traversed deeper into the uninhabited cellar...

The root of the story will be based on what lies within. Wink


  • Unique, interactive environments.

  • Immersive and highly detailed levels.

  • Player oriented puzzles where your choice makes all the difference.

  • Extraordinary storyline told though the player's actions.

  • Scripted events that you would have never seen to keep it fresh.

  • Multiple endings.

Release Date: To Be Announced


Spoiler below!

Here is some pictures from the first map. Big Grin

[Image: ill01.png]

[Image: ill02.png]


Spoiler below!


Friday, August 5th, 2011:
Completed working effects for underwater.

Wednesday, August 3th, 2011:
Released teaser trailer.

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011:
Presented Illumination.
Looks great, Keep up the unique work, friend.
Very nice, I wana see some more pictures or even a video of it!

At first glance, I thought the water pouring from the ceiling was some sort of plant.
Thanks guys. Smile

(08-02-2011, 09:59 PM)Rapture Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice, I wana see some more pictures or even a video of it!

At first glance, I thought the water pouring from the ceiling was some sort of plant.

You'll get to see a nice variety of types of maps though some pictures that I may release in a few weeks. Tongue
Looking goooooood! Big Grin
My interest is mildly piqued. Tickle my fancy, if you will, and show us some screens or make a trailer of sorts Smile

If you're interested, I can help you with in the machination of unique puzzles and such. I've gotten bored scripting the usual mumbo jumbo we see in custom stories, so I'm always trying to think outside of the box to get some cool new stuff rolling around in my work. (I may or may not be mildly inspired by Apjjm and his ridiculous scripting skills)
I detect water lurkers, the screens look good so far and the story has got me interested, good luck Smile
A story based on water... I like where this is going. Kaernk encounters always arouse my interests; I wish you luck, friend.
A story from Kyle, the scripting will be amazing for sure. Looks very interesting and waterlurker-ready! Keep it up! Smile
I hope that you don't spam monsters like so many stories do. This is bound to be interesting either way, however.
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