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Full Version: billboard goes through walls
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I have this funky looking sun in my map, and it appears to show through walls. so how do i counter this?
Do you perhaps have a Radeon HD 5830 Graphics card?
It might be a depthtest issue too, check that billboard's material if it uses depthtest.
I have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470, but I don't think its the graphics card. Ill check the depth test 1 sec.

It doesn't say anything about a depth test in the editor
I have the problem in the editor but not in game.. weird
It should be in the texture browser when you select the texture, or you can look at it in the material editor. If it is, you might have to use a different texture, one that doesn't check the render depth.

Cool idea with the sun though- looks nice Smile
Smile thanks ill check it out