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Full Version: How to create my own logo ?
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Hi there...

I don't know how to create my OWN LOGO

If you know please tell me ....

Default Logo for amnesia is : "Amnesia the dark descent"

I want to change it ... for example Amnesia : Experiment
What do you mean by your own logo Smile?
I've answered this several times now. I think I'm going to put it on the wiki.

You have to create your own logo ( I did one using Gimp) and save it as a .tga file. Then in your menu.cfg file, you have to add this text, under where you pick the music.

Mine looks like this.

Also, it has to be a full conversion to work.

Music = "abandoned.ogg"
MenuLogo = "graphics_atlantia_menu/atlantia_menu_logo.tga"