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Traggey must be STOPPED (quiting his moderator free job)
Yes, Traggey please leave us alone!
DnALANGE, Googolplex, MorcoreV, Nice, Radical Batz, VeNoMzTeamHysterical
6 0.07%
No, He is fine here on the forum.
7heDubz, A.M Team, Acies, AGP, CarnivorousJelly, FlawlessHappiness, Hardarm, i3670, Miss Rigi, MrBehemoth, Mudbill, Neelke, Nikson., PutraenusAlivius, Red, RedKnight, Robosprog, Romulator, Slanderous, Statyk
20 0.22%
Scrimmy Bingus and The Crungy Spingus
Ashtoreth, Froge, Gilligan's Hell, Kurton, Macgyverthehero, Newsman Waterpaper, Tiger
9001 99.71%
Total: 9027 vote(s) 100%