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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions [updated 2007-07-26] - Urkle - 05-22-2007

Penumbra: Overture Linux F.A.Q.

How to Report Issues
  1. First Read through this entire FAQ and see if your issues is documented here
  2. Read the Knowledge Base at Frictional Support
  3. If you can't find a solution to your issue post a new thread with the following
    • Your System Hardware (CPU speed, RAM, Video card)
    • Your Linux distribution. Include version and architecture (x86 or x86_64)
    • Include your hpl.log. Preferably gzip the hpl.log and attach it. This file is located in ~/.frictionalgames/Penumbra Overture/Episode 1
    • If the game hangs or crashes. PLEASE use the correct term to make it easeir for me to identify issues.
      • Crashed that means the game killed itself on it's own accord (usually segmentation fault or sigsev)
      • hung that means it was still running and you had to kill it manually.
Here is a collection of issues that users have encountered and their solutions.

General Questions
  1. Will there be translations available for the Linux version
    No, there will be no translations available at this time for the linux version. Only English is available.
  2. Will there be a boxed linux version
    There will only be an online downloadable version for linux, no boxed version will be available.
  3. Will you provide me with the linux binaries, as I already puchased the boxed windows version
    The linux version is a separate purchse, and if you wish to play the linux version of the game you much puchase it from the online store.
  4. Will there be a 64-bit version for linux?
    No, there will not be a 64-bit native version, you will need to have the 32-bit environment installed to run Penumbra, this includes having libstdc++ and the 32-bit GL compatability librarires for your video driver.

Installer Issues
  1. The game installer fails to find a frontend
    The game installer itself requires that the 32 bit or be available in your system library path (usually /usr/lib). If the installer fails to find that library it will not load. If you do have those files and it still refuses to load, please post a thread with specifics about your linux distribution and setup.

Grapchis Issues
  1. The game tells me I don't have enough texture units, but I have a supported nvidia card
    Make sure you have the nvidia drivers installed, and if you are running a 64-bit linux install, make sure you have the 32-bit compatability libraries installed!
  2. The game runs really slow when I run at a high resolution
    Penumbra: Overture is a very graphics intensive game, and makes heavy use of Vertex and Fragment shaders on your Video card. Try lowering your resolution to 800 by 600 or even 640 by 480, and/or lowering some of the effects in the graphics options menu in the game.
  3. Can I use wide screen resolutions in Penumbra: Overture?
    Yes, however currently you have to edit the .frictionalgames/Penumbra Overture/Episode1/settings.cfg file manually with the wide screen resolution.
  4. I can not turn around or the mouse acts funny while running Penumbra on a dual monitor setup
    You need to create a meta mode in X that has only one screen enabled and then you will be able to run Penumbra.

Sound Issues
  1. The sound is crackly or choppy sounding
    This is usually caused by a slow system with a built-in on-board motherboard sound chip. There is an openal audio patch that may fix this issue. Please visit the forum thread OpenAL Audio Update

Other Issues
  1. The game hangs when loading a level,. dying, or the radio messages play
    Make sure you have the 1.0.679 patch installed. this patch fixes all these lockup issues (which were all sound related).
  2. The game fails to start
    • Make sure you are running a linux system with glibc version 2.3 or higher.
    • Make sure you have the latest patch available
    • Make sure you have a supported video card. Supported video card list
    • Make sure you have the latest official video drivers for you video card. This means the binary drivers from Nvidia or ATI.
    • Make sure you have the 32-bit compatability libraries installed for you drivers if you are running a 64-bit linux install.
    • Make sure you X server is configured to run in 24bit or 32bit depth and not 16bit dept.
    • Check the hpl.log that is located in your home directory under .frictionalgames/Penumbra Overture/Episode 1/hpl.log. Read through the end of that file for any possible cause for the game to quit.
    • If you still can not get the game running, attach the hpl.log file to a new thread along with your system details (hardware, video card, Linux Distribution)
  3. I have a very low FPS and the game is choppy when in the refinery level
    You need to download the latest patch
  4. I see no steam in the refinery and keep dying because I can't see it.
    You need to download the latest patch
  5. The demo stops working after I enter the mine
    Delete the contents of your .frictionalgames/Penumbra Overture/Episode1 directory and re-run the demo.