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Unsterblich - Obliviator27 - 09-21-2011

Hey all! I've been working on my own custom story, and I figure I'll give you some info on what to expect, should you choose to download and play it.


Victor Ryland, the head priest of the local church, is on his way home after a particularly tiring day. Hearing cries of anguish in the distance, he rushes to see what is happening. When he arrives at the crossroads, he finds nothing but a pool of blood. Hearing a noise, he spins around, only to see talons lash out at him. The power of the blow causes him to crumple to the ground. As the world darkens around him, he can hear the sounds of battle as his kinsmen battle against this unknown adversary.

(Requires Justine)

- Multiple Paths
- Three endings (or more, depending on if I keep one of the paths I intend to create)
- Divine Intervention
- No Crowbar puzzles! Wink
- Cinematic moments
- And more that I may have forgotten to put on this list.

Screenshots can be found here:

Not yet ready for full release. Though I could really use a few playtesters to see if I'm doing things right. If interested, feel free to reply to this thread or PM me.

After hearing feedback from various testers, I've decided to release this. With modification from my original, I present to you, Unsterblich.

Second fix. This time actually starting you on the first map, not the third. Gah.

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

RE: Unsterblich - Tenno - 09-21-2011

Sounds awesome and the screenshots look great so far. I am really interested to see where this story goes, good luck Smile

RE: Unsterblich - skypeskype - 09-21-2011

I'm interested in beta testing. Just send me the story (or beta) when its done ^^

RE: Unsterblich - Obliviator27 - 09-23-2011

I've moved into the beta/testing portion of my custom story. I'm looking for about 3 more playtesters, so if you're interested, reply to this thread or send me a PM. Smile

RE: Unsterblich - RawkBandMan - 09-24-2011

I'll beta test! I am also waiting for custom stories to play, and this one looks fantastic.

RE: Unsterblich - HumiliatioN - 09-26-2011

I can beta test too. and give you critical feedback Smile

RE: Unsterblich - SonOfLiberty796 - 09-27-2011

If you want I can beta test as well friend Smile

Just hit me up with a PM with the map when ready ^_^

RE: Unsterblich - Obliviator27 - 09-29-2011

Updated the main post, and this has now been released.

RE: Unsterblich - HumiliatioN - 09-29-2011

I played again but I im stuck in "Forge path"

Spoiler below!
Trying to forge using "Hot copper tube after using cloth" but It doesnt work when I'll try to use it for the table to forge with hammer. Is this bug or what I'm doing wrong? :S

RE: Unsterblich - Cryaotic - 09-29-2011

I'm downloading this.


Not for the screenshots, not for the features (though they are fine features), not for any other real purpose other than the fact that I only speak English and the word Unsterblich sounds AMAZING to me.