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Custom Model. Need HELP! - Danny Boy - 09-24-2011

Hello. I need help whit a custom model. for some reason... i am haveing huge problems whit an "electric" lamp from Penumbra. the problem is that i can not select the entety in level editor. to select it i need to open the focus window.... and that si very annoying. and i did notice wend i open the lamp's dae file whit model editor. and open the test mode or whatever it is. i can't see the floor... i don't know why but maybe its has something to do whit my problem.... can some one help?

ps: if you need the file to see the problem from yourself. i can upload it.

RE: Custom Model. Need HELP! - plutomaniac - 09-24-2011

That happens with all the penumbra lamp models. I never managed to fixed it and so I use CTRL+F to find then and move them one by one.

RE: Custom Model. Need HELP! - Selyp - 09-24-2011

I haven't been able to solve this either. I just do what you are pluto suggested.