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"On dead" possible? - Brute - 09-25-2011

Hey guys. It's me... again. Rolleyes
I wonder if there is an script, which activates, when the player dies? Is this possible?

RE: "On dead" possible? - palistov - 09-25-2011

Checkpoints. Set a checkpoint before the player dies, and the callback function will run once the player revives. That's about as close to a death event you can get--your other option is a loop which checks player health every second (or even shorter intervals if you want)

RE: "On dead" possible? - Brute - 09-25-2011

Hmm... Ok. The checkpoint sounds good. Can you tell an example please? Rolleyes
The player died and a door closed. Would be nice and thanks for the answer! Big Grin

RE: "On dead" possible? - Khyrpa - 09-25-2011

Try using search
I think there is a ton of threads about checkpoints.
heres one:

RE: "On dead" possible? - Brute - 09-25-2011

Thanks Khyrpa!
I had often used the search for my other problems but I found very rare a solution to my problem, like by making a lever, so I am sorry, when the answer so obvious existed. Big Grin
I will check it out!

RE: "On dead" possible? - Brute - 09-25-2011

Confused It doesn't work! The door is still unlocked...
Maybe I should make a loop, but I have no idea, what this is or how I must define that. Can you help me?
// Yes I have tried the search. Don't worry! Tongue

RE: "On dead" possible? - RawkBandMan - 09-25-2011

Maybe using an if command to call the script when the player's health hits 0?

RE: "On dead" possible? - Tesseract - 09-25-2011

hmm i wonder if you could do something like

if(GetPlayerHealth = 0)
// what ever you want here

but you would need some sort of loop or something to check the players health if it reaches 0, never tryed it but ive often thought of it.

what i wrote wont work btw!

RE: "On dead" possible? - Brute - 09-25-2011

Ok I see. I thought about something like this, and I still have check the Script Function Page at the wiki but I don't check it Rolleyes . You know I am a beginner in scripting, so I am very helpless without you. But it is nice, that you try to help me. I am still trying something... Huh

what i wrote wont work btw!

Ok, thats good to know Big Grin

RE: "On dead" possible? - Khyrpa - 09-25-2011

CheckPoint (string& asName, string& asStartPos, string& asCallback, string& asDeathHintCat, string& asDeathHintEntry);

When you put this inside the void OnStart()
The next time the player dies, that function is ran.
So to make things happen after the player dies you can use the asCallback.
example script:

void OnStart() //I just changed things to happen right when the map is ran
{CheckPoint ("", "NameOfSomeStartPos", "LockDoor", "", "");
void LockDoor(string &in asName, int alCount)
SetSwingDoorClosed("doorname", true, false);
SetSwingDoorLocked("doorname", true, false);

Copied my older post and changed some things. Is this what you were trying to accomplish?