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Amnesia Plushies!!! - Devangarcia93 - 11-23-2011

Get your Amnesia Grunt plushies here!!!

Mr. face makes a great holiday gift for Amnesiacs!

RE: Amnesia Plushies!!! - Gasjockey - 11-23-2011

My dreams have come true!!! Big Grin

RE: Amnesia Plushies!!! - Fomzo - 11-23-2011

*Chokes up with his saliva after reading (and watching) this*
HaHaHaBig Grin

RE: Amnesia Plushies!!! - Tintin - 11-24-2011

I don't think much of the Plushie, it doesn't really look like a Grunt. But the Amnesia loading screen symbol looks brilliant!