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This can't be good for the game.. - Vipes - 12-14-2011

On some materials that don't have a Specular, I just use the same picture that was with NMap.

I think you're not supposed to, yet it looks nice, almost F.E.A.R. ish.

But there's gotta be a downside to it. What is it?

[Image: exampled.png]

The Picture shows me turning Prenumbra Black Plauge material, to Amnesia material. There was no Specular map for it, so I put the NMap as a Specular.

Now tell me that doesn't look like FEAR.

RE: This can't be good for the game.. - palistov - 12-14-2011

Never played F.E.A.R. but using a NMap for a specular shouldn't cause an issue. The brighter the bitmap is, the shinier the texture is. Doesn't really matter what color it is. It may not look as realistic ( to be honest it looks metallic, whereas I'd expect that tile to be ceramic) because now every single blemish on the ground is highly accented with the specular, but hey it gets the job done. I personally think powerful specular maps like this are best use to help simulate tarnish or on surfaces you'd expect to be covered in water. Other than that you honestly don't even really need them.

RE: This can't be good for the game.. - Your Computer - 12-15-2011

I normally put the image that i used for diffuse as the specular map also. Tends to work fine.