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[SOLVED]Checkpoint trouble - Karai16 - 12-14-2011

Hi guys,
I wanted to make a new custom story, but I thought it would be better to get my first one working for the full 100%. So that's what I'm doing right now.
I'm trying to fix Her Games, and one of the bugs was that I didn't make any checkpoints. People could kill themselves, and then just go on their merry way without having to face any monsters. I tried to change that. I made a checkpoint, but Amnesia doesn't recognise it. But it doesn't say there's anything wrong with it either... help?

void OnStart()
    SetEntityPlayerInteractCallback("FinalKey", "SpawnGrunts", true);

void SpawnGrunts(string &in asEntity)
    CheckPoint("", "PlayerStartArea_2", "Reset", "DHint", "Hide2");
    SetEntityActive("DoorNote", true);
    SetSwingDoorLocked("MagicDoor", false, true);
    // Loads of grunts and pathnodes//

void Reset (string &in asName, int alCount)
    SetEntityActive("DoorNote", true);
    SetSwingDoorLocked("MagicDoor", false, true);
        //Loads of grunts and patnodes//

RE: Checkpoint trouble - Statyk - 12-15-2011

you have a space after "void Reset___(string &in asName, int alCount)"

Try removing the space.

RE: Checkpoint trouble - palistov - 12-15-2011

Also try giving the checkpoint a name in the first argument for your CheckPoint() line in the SpawnGrunts call stack. Doesn't cause any harm to not name it, but then again I can't guarantee that won't affect the checkpoint's functionality :3

RE: Checkpoint trouble - Your Computer - 12-15-2011

Did you try to kill yourself before or after picking up or interacting with FinalKey?

RE: [SOLVED]Checkpoint trouble - Karai16 - 12-15-2011

I appriciate all the help, but what Statyk said solved the problem!