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Rain/Snow indoors - Victor - 12-18-2011

Is there any way to prevent the particles from rain / snow from entering somewhere? Like in my current map, for example, it's snowing inside the house that I made, because it is connected with the outside.

RE: Rain/Snow indoors - flamez3 - 12-18-2011

I guess just careful placing will stop it from leaking in. I don't know any other way sorry.

RE: Rain/Snow indoors - Victor - 12-18-2011

(12-18-2011, 04:47 PM)flamez3 Wrote: I guess just careful placing will stop it from leaking in. I don't know any other way sorry.
FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU oh, well... Thanks for answering quickly!

RE: Rain/Snow indoors - Kman - 12-18-2011

If you've already placed down a bunch, just go to edit and find objects and type in the name of the particle, it should then give you a list of all the snow particles you've placed. Just highlight them all and hit delete, it might be quicker to get rid of them this way.

RE: Rain/Snow indoors - palistov - 12-18-2011

The rain particle system draws a very large (30x30) plane and draws the particles in that area. If you want the rain to not spill over into your indoors area, you'll need to either A) create a customized rain particle system or B) offset the center of the rain ps by 15 meters. Easiest solution is to offset it, because if you modify the dimensions of the particle system it'll change the density of the rain and you'll have to tweak it to make it less like a waterfall and more like drizzle or light rain.

TLDR move the rain particle system 15 meters away from its nearest wall.

RE: Rain/Snow indoors - Your Computer - 12-18-2011

Place a script area where you want the rain particle to be. Remove the rain particle from the map. Place two script areas at the entrance of every door way (i.e enter and exit). OnEnter, create the particle system at the area. When the player collides with an area in the door way, destroy the particle system.