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Unlimited light source exploit - WookieMang - 12-22-2011

Ever get sick of running out of light?
Heres a pretty easy fix without even using 3rd party proqs.

Look for any full conversion mods that feature light sources that never drain
Insomnia is a pretty good example to use here
Install everything the way it says in the word doc.

Load up all your custom stories through it and you have a flashlight that never drains.

Yeah it doesn't make a lot of sense for stories that feature an older setting but it works.

RE: Unlimited light source exploit - Unearthlybrutal - 12-22-2011

You can also modify the save files, it's much easierSmile

RE: Unlimited light source exploit - imgoneimdead - 12-30-2011

This isn't really an exploit. Just running maps on ones with different codes. I once tried to play a pretty dark custon story in white night. It wasn't nice because in white night your eyes don't adjust to darkness. Damn you tansel! (oh no he's probably reading this ;-Wink