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Screen shake , Hole in Wall - jessehmusic - 01-05-2012

Hello i got a prob with this that when Screen shake starts all funitures should fall down from normal states and the wall should get a hole in it then you should get avabile to throw a chair it then you can go forward how do i make that cant find anything...

RE: Screen shake , Hole in Wall - RawkBandMan - 01-05-2012

Please don't make 2 threads for the same problem.

RE: Screen shake , Hole in Wall - Statyk - 01-05-2012

That, and this is a lot to script. Try experimenting with it yourself or you won't learn...

RE: Screen shake , Hole in Wall - flamez3 - 01-06-2012

Why I like helping people who need it, constantly making threads asking how to do something and not attempting to do it yourself will NOT help; we are really spoon feeding you as to what you are supposed to do. I'll give you a hint:

StartScreenShake(float afAmount, float afTime, float afFadeInTime, float afFadeOutTime);

Means the SCREEN is going to shake. To make the furniture move; use

AddPropForce(string& asName, float afX, float afY, float afZ, string& asCoordSystem);

For the hole in the wall, look around the forum for wall entities.