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NVidia 3D Vision? - GraphicsKid - 01-14-2012

I'm just going to assume that it's too late to hope for 3D Vision support for Amnesia... but could there possibly be support in Frictional's next game? I know it (currently) requires Direct3D, and not OpenGL to work (hence why Amnesia doesn't work with it). Is their next game still going to be OpenGL?

I just recently (for Christmas!) got a 120hz monitor and the Nvidia 3d Vision 2 kit and I love it! Games like Portal 2, Crysis 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 really shine in 3d. (Yea they're all "2"s for some reason...) I can only imagine how this would help the immersion in Amnesia... I guess we'll never know.

EDIT: Oh and I see this has been brought up before in the Amnesia forums... but here I'm really asking if future games will have 3D support, not Amnesia.