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[Model] Filing Cabinet - DrDean - 02-14-2012

I wanted to see how accessible it is to get a model into Amnesia. It's super easy! I had lots of fun getting it in the game.

Anyways, I just whipped up a quick filing cabinet. It's not very...antiquey. Regardless, I might fiddle around with doing a modern custom story, and I figure somebody else might find it useful for their project. Let me know if I have to fix or change anything.

Here's a lovely 5MB GIF.
[Image: 5f6bea14dd5b9af251f715eb07a28.gif]

And the download

If you don't like GIF form, here's two pictures

RE: [Model] Filing Cabinet - Kman - 02-14-2012

Nice! I actually needed somethig just like this recently, so I'll definitely be using it Smile

RE: [Model] Filing Cabinet - Shadowfied - 02-14-2012

Very nice work! Looks really really good in the gif. I might use this if I make a more modern themed story!

I'll inform you and credit you if I do. Smile

RE: [Model] Filing Cabinet - BonesTheRabbit - 02-15-2012

Hey! It's funny you should post this. I was just talking with Khyrpa earlier about models in the story I'm making, and the subject of a filing cabinet came up. Would you mind terribly if I took a look at your texture work and tried to actually make an "antiquey" wooden version for community use as well? I really like your work here.

RE: [Model] Filing Cabinet - DonProtz - 02-15-2012

Thumbs up, looks very nice. Keep the good work up

RE: [Model] Filing Cabinet - Statyk - 02-15-2012

I am currently making a modern story, "Nearsight" and I was thinking of modelling this, but I may just take it off you to save time and it looks professional =] Definitely will use!

RE: [Model] Filing Cabinet - DrDean - 02-16-2012

Thanks for the comments, guys. It means a lot. Here's a slightly updated version

I've changed the texture a tad and added something for the drawers to actually slide on;
[Image: 2prtoya.png]