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Alan Wake? - Guest - 06-25-2006

How many of you are excited about this game? I know I am. It's a horror fps that brings your nightmares to life in the dark, you can also use light as a weapon and a deterant. Any vehicle is drivable! And all building are enterable! Just imagine driving down the wilderness road at night just to relize that your car has an engine problem, Fix it? Wait out the night with your lantern and car lights on? Or attempt to make it to the nearest building? Decisions decisions, man I'm pysced about this game.

RE: Alan Wake? - Guest - 06-25-2006

I'm looking forward to it. It sounds like it will be a silent hill-esque game. I'll be picking it up aslong as it is still being released for pc.

For those uninformed:

Alan Wake on Wikipedia

RE: Alan Wake? - Guest - 09-09-2006

Sounds really cool, but i can only imagine which nVidia graphic card will be able to run it without problems Tongue I'm thinking of geforce 11200GT or geforce 14600 GS Big Grin

RE: Alan Wake? - Guest - 09-09-2006

My 7950gx2 should run it fine

RE: Alan Wake? - Thomas - 09-09-2006

Looking forward to this aswell, seems to have a really great atmosphere.

No idea how the gameplay will be though Tongue

RE: Alan Wake? - Guest - 09-10-2006

I classify it as "bother with it when its out". Smile

I have honest doubts. What I saw seemed to be pre-rendered cut scenes and not ingame footage. Show me ingame footage!