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Spiders - Toni - 10-19-2007

Would you advise killing or trying to outrun the spiders?? I'm in the area after the first worm went down the hole.

RE: Spiders - WindexGlow - 10-19-2007

Spiders are really fun.

First time I blocked the doorway in the little brick cabin, hoping the spiders would leave me alone.
That didn't work.

Next time I tried scaring them away with the flashlight, but couldn't make it back in time for the door to be open.

Third time I tried killing them; which was too hard.

Fourth time I simply ran as fast as I could with a flashlight, jumping over any spiders, than ran back and got in the doorway.

RE: Spiders - Toni - 10-19-2007

Egad!!! More work!!!

RE: Spiders - zzaz3 - 10-19-2007

well, i just put that long board thing on the ground next to the lever and then took one of thoes chairs and put it over the lever so that it would stay held down. I have plenty of time to get to the door.

RE: Spiders - eliasfrost - 10-20-2007

I use to smash them with a newspaper J.K. I'm running away.

RE: Spiders - Yuhaney - 10-20-2007

I didn't figure this out at the first try but after little trying, I figured out that I'll have to run straight to that door to get through it after pulling the lever!

RE: Spiders - Deadman87 - 11-21-2007

I lured them into the bottomless pit at the beginning of the level.