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RE: Ep2 videos, screenshots - Yuhaney - 01-21-2008

Or maybe you've acrossed the water already in that picture? You we're chased by that zombie-guy and jumbed in water...

RE: Ep2 videos, screenshots - Kedjane - 01-21-2008

Penumbra Wrote:Yeppers! I wonder if we have no choise but to go across that lake when we can see the zombie is standing right there. That would be relly scarry. Especally if you are being chased by something and rushed into the water.
Though I doubt it it's a good idea. Getting rushed into the water by an unseen enemy, seeing that guy standing there - him walking away and then you'd have to follow him in order to escape the other enemy.
Forcing the player into endangering him/herself is a great move, always.

RE: Ep2 videos, screenshots - Yuhaney - 02-02-2008

Could the Hunter of Tech Demo and that Zombie-guy from Black Plague associate to each others in someway?

RE: Ep2 videos, screenshots - Kedjane - 02-04-2008

I'd love it, but it is unlikely. They seem to be different in every way. By the way the Hunter had pink skin while the zombies appear to have grey or black.

RE: Ep2 videos, screenshots - Yuhaney - 02-04-2008

I meant that they had same idea in Tech Demo, and now they use it in Black Plague, no guns, just running and hiding. But Hunter never got finished fully for the Tech Demo. So they made new one for Black Plague, this infected-guy.

RE: Ep2 videos, screenshots - Kedjane - 02-05-2008

Well, I don't think they serve the same purpose either. Judging by the looks the hunter would had been a bit faster, Doom-ish.