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My thoughts on different scares and story types. - CorinthianMerchant - 04-02-2012

Story Types

Example: Followed by death.
Very well detailed and with excellent atmosphere, these are my favorite. Details are essential to horror in my opinion. Rich environment where you can clearly see that the developer has put a lot of effort in it makes me both happy and scared.

Example: My love.
Story maps are very similar to immersion maps, but the difference is that story maps focus more on story than atmosphere. And if you say that story maps are "not amnesia-ish"or "a sad excuse that the developer couldn't make it scary", to the first I will reply that "throwing genitals into Daniel's face isn't very amnesia-ish either", and the second one is so stupid that I just want to call Chuck Norris on my speed-dial.

PewDiePie maps/Troll maps/Pony maps
Example: PewDiePie's house, Dark Room, The Small Horse
Jumpscare maps
These maps all have one thing in common; 1. Mapping looks horrible 2. Therefore, it only relies on jumpscares to be scary. 3. Little to no story.
I hate these maps because they honestly ridicule all the hard work Frictional Games has put into the game and taunts it with the teleporting naked guys flying out of closets with the iron maiden sound effect, poofers and with the most worthless mapping imaginable to mankind. Put some effort in your work!

Scare Types

Scary atmosphere
The best one in my opinion. As I said earlier, details are essential to horror.

Stressful chases/Monster appearances
If used correctly, they are good to rise tension.

If used correctly they can scare you really bad, but they are ridiculous if they are used to often.

*Don't light up pitch dark rooms with white spotlights! This is Amnesia, not Instagram!

RE: My thoughts on different scares and story types.[In progress] - Electra - 04-02-2012

Totally agree with combining the scare factor with storylines. Custom stories with no storyline annoy me sometimes unless the fact that it doesn't have one is essential for the map.

Storyline+Detailed Atmosphere+Few Scares Here and There+Well Edited=A Good Custom Story

RE: My thoughts on different scares and story types.[In progress] - flamez3 - 04-03-2012

Sadface :c