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Custom Wall/Texture - JetlinerX - 04-23-2012

Hey all-

So we have a great idea, but I need to be able to have a new decal that is place able on a wall. How do you make a new, custom decal, and how do you allow players to see it when installing your custom story?

Thanks in advance!!!

RE: Custom Wall/Texture - Strembitsky - 04-23-2012

Look in the base files for Amnesia, and find the decals and study how they made them. Then, basically just make a folder in your custom story folder named "Decals" or whatever it's called in the redist folder, and then put in the new decal in there, with the same file extension as the base files of Amnesia. You should then be able to make any decal, click on the material (the ... in the decal's settings) and find your decal. Place it where you want, and then when the player downloads your custom story, the new decal will be included with the download.

RE: Custom Wall/Texture - Mine Turtle - 04-23-2012

you'll need an image and an alphachannel cropped over the area you want displayed. (this can be done in photoshop, look into it.)