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RE: Box or Download? - Wavesonics - 02-07-2008

Release on steam please!!

In fact, if both were released on Steam, I would re-buy the first one just to have it on Steam!

RE: Box or Download? - DragonionS - 02-07-2008

To my mind the both variants have advantages. As for me I would prefer to buy Box with this game.

RE: Box or Download? - GFree - 02-08-2008

Download. I'm impatient. Smile

RE: Box or Download? - gui25rj - 02-10-2008

I'm going to download because I don't think I'm gonna see this game in a store here in Brazil.

RE: Box or Download? - WindexGlow - 02-10-2008

Box, I heavily regret buying the box for Overture.

RE: Box or Download? - Kedjane - 02-10-2008

WindexGlow Wrote:Box, I heavily regret buying the box for Overture.
Don't you mean you heavily regret NOT buying it?

RE: Box or Download? - piibii - 02-10-2008

Download. Because I'm cheap and I want it as soon as possible! Big Grin