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Repeat Areas - TheGilgameshZocker - 05-17-2012

Hi guys, I just wanted to ask you something. I have a part in my CS, where you have to escape from 2 water lurkers, but if you die, you have to do it from the beginning. The checkpoints work, that's no problem, but the script areas don't repeat their functions, so the monsters don't spawn again. I tried things like:

void OnEnter()
CheckPoint("lurker_trap","PlayerStartLurker", "Reload", "Hints", "DeathWaterLurker");


void Reload(string &in asParent, string &in asChild, int alState)
SetEntityActive("Area5", true);
SetEntityActive("Area6", true);

I think I have a suspicion what could be wrong. I think the (string &in...-stuff is wrong. But I don't get that stuff, so it would be nice, if you could tell me, what I have to write in there, and what this (string &in asEntity...-stuff means Tongue

RE: Repeat Areas - Rapture - 05-17-2012

Got to change your "Reload" parameters to...

string &in asName, int alCount

So its like...

void Reload(string &in asName, int alCount)

RE: Repeat Areas - Putmalk - 05-17-2012

Yeah I'd personally rename them to something like CP01 and CP02, but that's personal preference.

Be careful when making function parameters...the one you specified was for entity collide callback online. Tongue

Rapture's got it right.