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graphic glitches - HiViH - 02-08-2008

Right on start, the whole room swiches textures and shadows quickly, even if I dont move, making it very much unplayble.
[Image: ghbgws1.jpg]

Radeon ATi HD3870
Core 2 Duo 2.3
2G of RAM

Latest drivers for everything.

I tried High, med, low and vl shaders.

Thanks in advance.

RE: graphic glitches - Yuhaney - 02-08-2008

Overture worked fine, right?

Could you post your hpl.log for the Developers to check it out?

RE: graphic glitches - str1990 - 02-08-2008

I had to restart the game progress 3 times because i kept falling under the textures while trying to get into the ventilation shaft after puting soda on the termostat :|

RE: graphic glitches - HiViH - 02-08-2008

I could move on, and I did, up until the "play the tape" part, but I just couldnt stand it anymore (and I was getting scared o: ), um.. I dunno what an hpl.log is, or how to get it here..

Overture worked fine with my formar graphic card, which was a Geforce card.

RE: graphic glitches - Yuhaney - 02-08-2008

I quote Thomas here. Smile

Thomas Wrote:You will find it in "My Documents/Penumbra/Black Plague/".

RE: graphic glitches - Thomas - 02-08-2008

You got an ATI HD right?

then it is same as here:

RE: graphic glitches - HiViH - 02-08-2008

Thomas Wrote:You got an ATI HD right?

then it is same as here:

Yes, I figured, though I thought I should write and let you know P:
Here is that hpl.log..

RE: graphic glitches - soloreaper - 02-17-2008

im going to run extensive testing and different driver + software + settings combination in drivers to see if there is anyway to make a quick fix for people