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Acies Random things - Acies - 05-25-2012


Figured I'd make a post here uploading random things I might make. Could be skyboxes, terrain or models.

Tiling textures + basic geometry (if you are tired of planes):
Spoiler below!,Ce1SKyi,o2dO20o,VnW63TH#0

I messed around a little in zbrush and created these, not super perfect but might do their job. The cave texture and assets should be helpful if you are trying to make a cave - mix the geometry with some stones or something.

The stone bricks one is very large (2048x2048) so you can shrink it down to 1024x1024 for performance reasons if you want!

Download link:

Weekly Environment assets:
Spoiler below!

[Image: 7aco0bQ.jpg]

Download link:

Models made on requests:
Spoiler below!

[Image: dCUlFYJ.jpg]

Download links:

Grunt placed in it for reference (Scale it yourself).

Grass & Mountains:
Spoiler below!

[Image: d2sGC.jpg]

Download link:

Spoiler below!

[Image: j6Xuk.png]

Download link:
Has a "walk" and "point at stuff" animation. This model does not attack, it's merely for "cinematic" purposes or psyche scares. Hermoor did the model & texture. I did the animations. Please make sure to credit Hermoor as well for this model :>


Make your own painting kit:
Download link:
Simply replace the gray area with your image. "psd" file for photshop users/"dds" for gimp. No need to credit me for this one.

I'd appreciate if I was credited when using anything. You are free to modify the textures or the geometry of the models.


RE: Acies Random things - Datguy5 - 05-25-2012

Thats really cool.Might use in my custom story.

RE: Acies Random things - Eliphas - 05-25-2012

The painting kit is a great idea ! Good job.

RE: Acies Random things - Aresak - 05-25-2012

Oh my god! I must use it in Black Mirror Big Grin

RE: Acies Random things - EXAWOLT - 07-05-2012

sad that the girl doesn´t deal damage :/
im using it in my new CS Smile

RE: Acies Random things - Streetboat - 07-06-2012

Can we get a video of the animation as opposed to a static image? I'd love to see what it's like without extracting and viewing it. I understand that that seems like an irritating extra step to take after you've already done all the work, but making it that much more readily available to the community would make your work more popular. It looks like it deserves it; love the mountains! Smile

RE: Acies Random things - No Author - 07-06-2012

Is that a mansion wall ?

RE: Acies Random things - Acies - 07-16-2012

The girl simply walks around and has an extra "idle" animation. She is more for use in "cinematic purposes" than as a new enemy. I'll try to get around adding a video, as requested.

As for the walls they were created for the purpose of a tutorial, and I wouldn't say that they are good looking. They are created from scratch, so classifying them as "mansion walls" would be okay. They do not hold any "base" in mansion walls, except by design.

I'll see if I can get about creating something fun today :>

RE: Acies Random things - Kiwi2703 - 09-06-2012

How do I use the custom painting in the editor?Smile

RE: Acies Random things - The chaser - 09-06-2012

Great! This will be very useful for me. This thread arrived at the right moment for me. In my CS I will need this.