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Among the Sleep - Youcef - 05-28-2012!

RE: Among the Sleep - Bridge - 05-29-2012

Wow, that is brilliant. How much more helpless can you get than a little child? Very impressed with the demo you just posted, though the title is somewhat iffy. Definitely going to keep an eye out for this one.

Also is that Thief-style hoisting when the child climbs up on the chair? If so that is really awesome, something that's lacking in the original Amnesia.

Among The Sleep - SquigPie - 05-29-2012

Baby's first horror game?

Looks awesome.

RE: Among The Sleep - Bridge - 05-30-2012

Already a thread about this literally just a few threads away.

RE: Among The Sleep - SquigPie - 05-30-2012

Man, that thread was not there yesterday.

Lock this one if you want to, mods.

RE: Among the Sleep - theDARKW0LF - 05-30-2012

I'm definitely looking forward to this game! No doubt, the devs learned a lot from the team at Frictional Games. Also, the art style has a really nice, Bioshock-look that I'm really digging! The monster scare at 35 seconds is something that I thought would happen on numerous occasions during my first play-through of Amnesia!

RE: Among the Sleep - JenniferOrange - 05-30-2012

Absolutely amazing.. I can't even.. whoa. The monster that walked by reminded me of Alien. You know, Alien vs Predator stuff. And the scary music. Damn. ;D

RE: Among the Sleep - Prelauncher - 05-30-2012

I will definitely keep an eye on this game. Very interesting to play through the perspective of a child. I wonder though what you will do? What is the goal, sightseeing or puzzles or what?
But still, looks really cool Smile

RE: Among the Sleep - SquigPie - 05-31-2012

Only thing I'm not sure about is the Parkour Babby protagonist, his movement is a little too fluid and secure for a 2-year old.

Not saying it has to be 100% realistic, but it might break immersion, and we all know how important that is to a good horror game.

RE: Among the Sleep - Thomas - 05-31-2012

This post from the devs makes me extra interested in the game: