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RE: Some quick questions. Please answer when you have finished the game - waxwing - 09-12-2008

1) What puzzles did you like the best? Why did you like them?
I liked the puzzles with the subtle physics touches. Like breaking the electric box at the beginning and pulling the cord, finding the brick at the first hive puzzle, looking for the chemicals behind books, pulling out the server cards was fun(but not configuring them)..

2) What puzzles where the hardest to solve? Why where they so hard and what kind of solutions did you try before finding the correct one?
When you had to get across the collapsed area in the snow, I wasn't sure what to do. I ended up going around edges of the cliff and stacking a couple of tiny boxes to get up. Not sure if that was the "intended" solution. Also I solved the 'bell/enemy' puzzle at the end by jumping out of the walled area, because I didn't see the switch at first. I was able to drop to the other side of the door and "solve" the level.
Also the camera/alarm area was a little tedious.

3) How did you find the pacing in the game? Where there any particularly slow moments or some moments where too many things happened?
It seemed balanced enough, although I would have liked to see more moments like the first grey encounter, because it was really scary.

4) How did you like the variation of events and gameplay elements? Could there have been more diversity or should there be more focus on the gameplay?
I think that anything that puts emphasis on the physics and interaction is great.
I really think the enemies should be expanded on also. Again, the first enemy encounter was my favorite, and I wish there were more areas where you had to use the sneak feature, or block enemy paths. An improved AI that could slowly disassemble your barricades or crawl through passages after you would be great.

5) How did you like the characters in the game? Was their voices fitting? Was the voice acting good? What character did you like best / worst?
Visually the models looked much better than in episode one. The human models were not bad. I have to complain about the greys however. Personally their body shape reminded me of Abe from the Oddworld series (maybe its the walk). And I agree with others that say they should only have grunts or screams. That being said they still scare me because of the great environment.
The voice acting is great, especially Clarence. However, I viewed him as sort of a comic relief, and I think he shouldn't have come in during so many chase scenes with the enemy.

6) How did you like the ending?
Very well done and creative. Especially the trials/puzzles. The story definitely had me concerned for the characters in the game, but I'm not as interested in getting deep into the mythos behind the hive.