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Jens, 2008-02-11, "P sychological" - jens - 02-11-2008

These days in-between projects I spend most of my time doing administrative tasks, writing mails, news and such activities. It's quite a nice break from the production tasks that are mainly gameplay scripting and audio design, but at times the administrative tasks can be quite scary, even haunting if you so wish.

Every now and then when I am about to post a news item I get the message "403 - Forbidden", this is a standard web server message that is displayed when trying to access a folder or file you do not have the user rights to do. I find this to be slightly odd as I know for a fact this should not happen when I try to post a news item. At the same time I can recall that - this has happened before, but why exactly!?

I usually spend a good 15 minutes trying to remember what it is in this particular news post that is causing this, is it a foreign letter or something similar causing a bug? It's about then I feel the chilling draft in my neck and the clockwork starting to tick in my mind, "p sychological" it echoes.

And this is the odd part, for some reason if a news post contains the word "p sychological" the server refuses access. Why? Who knows, but it must be linked to the games we make. I'm sure of it.

Yes, I have seperated the p from the rest of the word as otherwise I would not be able to post this message.

RE: Jens, 2008-02-11, "P sychological" - WindexGlow - 02-11-2008

Might be a anti-tag spam feature (I take it you have p sychological as a penumbra tag for search engines).

Or perhaps H.P ghost just loves your games too much!

RE: Jens, 2008-02-11, "P sychological" - Dark - 02-12-2008

have you checked the forbidden word list? there is probably one XD
or the forums thinks your a lunny (well actualy the forums and me :p)

RE: Jens, 2008-02-11, "P sychological" - thetargos - 02-14-2008

Ye Gods!!! It IS true!! I wonder why that is, though??

RE: Jens, 2008-02-11, "P sychological" - Zetsumaru - 02-25-2008

Its not "p sychological" what's banned, just the word "p sy", wonder whys that.

RE: Jens, 2008-02-11, "P sychological" - Penumbra - 02-25-2008

Mabey its a sweeden cus word or something..