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(spoiler) Can't find eye - Linux.Blue - 02-13-2008

I managed to get the hand after this (mini-boss?) worm scene. But I can't find the eye. I see a new dead guy, and that voice is heard again, but I don't see anything on the guy, nor in that changing room.

RE: (spoiler) Can't find eye - topdod - 02-13-2008

I also got stuck here but I just worked it out

I will post a clue and how to do it so it's your choice on what to sue

Spoiler below!

go to the infirmary and try to get into the cabinet
there is no key

how to:
Spoiler below!

First go to the infirmary and pick up the wrist band and use it
next go into the small room and you will see a shelf that you can't open...smash it, pick up the bottle, bottle + syringe and use the syringe then you can go through the door with the windows

easy once you get in there

RE: (spoiler) Can't find eye - Dark - 02-13-2008

use the spoiler tags next time Smile
i edited it for you this time

RE: (spoiler) Can't find eye - Linux.Blue - 02-13-2008

thanks. sure did the trick. now I'm stuck elsewhere, bummer

RE: (spoiler) Can't find eye - Thenateos - 02-13-2008

I propose you a deal :p
I reveal you where to find the eye and you tell me where to find the hand ^^
Spoiler below!
I tried to cut the hand of the dead guy near the machine room with the saw ... in vain

RE: (spoiler) Can't find eye - Janakev - 02-13-2008

The hand eh? Well, first off, have you gotten by the gas leak leading to the machine room? If not:
Spoiler below!
You need to go to the storage room. There is a dead man with a gas mask there that you can use.

Now as for the hand itself:
Spoiler below!
It is within the machine room complex. If you get stuck within that let me know. I think it would be more satisfying to see if you can get by on your own.

RE: (spoiler) Can't find eye - Thenateos - 02-14-2008

Thanks Janakev Wink
Spoiler below!
I've found the gas mask and I went to the machine room, but the 1rst door is blocked, then I blew the gate up, entered the room with the PC, unlocked the valve. The last door is also locked ... and now, I don't know what to do ...

RE: (spoiler) Can't find eye - Janakev - 02-14-2008

You're most welcome. Now onto your next problem.

Examine the door with a right click and if you're still stuck read the spoiler:
Spoiler below!
There should be a rock or something (I think the room with the computer has a chair) around, pick it up and give the door a few whacks. It'll start to open (it's on a sliding mechanism), keep hitting it until it's open enough for you to push through or push it open the rest of the way.

RE: (spoiler) Can't find eye - Thenateos - 02-14-2008

Thanks a lot Janakev Big Grin
I've tried this solution one time but I was not enough patient and persevering :p

RE: (spoiler) Can't find eye - labrujito - 02-15-2008

I apologize in advance, I have no idea how to use the Spoiler button bit.

I have the hand, I'm in the cryo-room.

I've torn the place apart, top to bottom, even torn apart other places.
I cannot figure out for the life of me where the eye is.

I thought perhaps in the small cryo-canister, but I can't seem to interact with it or knock it over (tried chair mostly)

Any help would be appreciated.

(I really don't see how it was 'easy' once I got in there. The answer is not obvious at all to me.)

(Addendum: I thought the speaker system gave me a clue but my interputations were fruitless)


Nevermind, I found it. The answer was practically staring me in the face. ><