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Resolution issue - Ben Gunn - 02-13-2008

Ok, I learned from this forum how to change my resolution in the settings file (width= etc.) but the game still doesnt cover the entire monitor's screen the way I like.

I play all of my games in 1600x1200 with refresh rate of 75Hz and none of them have empty black fringes and occupy the entire screen.

It may sound petty but it bugs me- its especially distracting in a game such as P:O which strives for full immersion.

I already changed the UpdatesPerSec="60.000000" to 75 but it didnt help.

Please dont tell me to change it through the monitor buttons or fiddle around with nvidia forceware cos a. its cumbersome. b. I like it the way it is now- all my other game looks just fine.


RE: Resolution issue - Thomas - 02-13-2008

Could you take a screen of how it looks?

Also, you should not change UpdatesPerSec, I think it controls the physics update and might screw the game if changed.

RE: Resolution issue - Ben Gunn - 02-13-2008

Thomas Wrote:Could you take a screen of how it looks?

Thats strange- I took a screenie and it looks fine, no fringes. But ingame, it still has them.

RE: Resolution issue - Ben Gunn - 02-13-2008

Imo its just a matter of setting the refresh rate. does anyone know how I can do it?

RE: Resolution issue - jens - 02-14-2008

Not sure if it can be done ingame. But with one of our old games the solution was to use this program that allows you to lock the refresh rate

RE: Resolution issue - Ben Gunn - 02-14-2008

Seems like it does the trick. Game looks great, many thanks.