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Super_Secret - RandomStar - 02-13-2008

Eyyy i'm just wondering wats that supa_secret thingy that came with the game? and where can i find the password for that? Smile thankss

RE: Super_Secret - Harold - 02-13-2008

50 views, no answers...this must be a conspiracy!

RE: Super_Secret - RandomStar - 02-13-2008

yeh -.- well guess we just have to play the game and solve the password ourselves

RE: Super_Secret - RayMarden - 02-14-2008

RandomStar Wrote:yeh -.- well guess we just have to play the game and solve the password ourselves

I forgot about this!

Anyway, I just ran the supersecret.exe using the coe I got at the end of the game and it worked.

Spoiler below!
Now, I got all the notes and collectabels so I'm not sure if we're all getting the same code, if different codes give different results, etc.

Are there any other "extras" people know about? Either way, what they did with the supersecret.exe is REALLY cool. I wish more developers did stuff like this. Smile

RE: Super_Secret - RandomStar - 02-14-2008

oh ok thanks for the info Smile buh anyway theres a schmup.exe in some computer what supposedly is a easter egg but i have no idea cos i aint that far yet (im too scared to play) : D

RE: Super_Secret - WindexGlow - 02-14-2008

Let me guess ray; it links you to Frictional's hidden porn stache!

RE: Super_Secret - RayMarden - 02-14-2008

Yes! Infected pr0n!

But seriously,

Spoiler below!
The program unpacks four different folders: one with numerous concept art pictures, one with some Penumbra wallpapers, one with widescreen versions of the same wallpapers, and a hilarious video of Thomas acting out/filming the various character animations (to make animating the 3D models easier.)

RE: Super_Secret - Betruger - 02-14-2008

Any chance of you telling what that password is?
I just completed the game and to me it was a masterpiece.
I really would like to see aforementioned goodies, however I don't really want to go through the game once again just to find every artifact possible.

Completion time 4:33
Notes 19/20
Artifacts 6/10

no passwords given

RE: Super_Secret - RandomStar - 02-14-2008

im too effing scared to play it again -.-.--.-.- i almost had an heartattack yesterday when some assface kicked the door in and tried to rape me. props to frictional keep making them games : )

RE: Super_Secret - Dark - 02-14-2008

allready a thread for it Smile

locked Smile