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Unplayable - str1990 - 02-14-2008

I can't play it anymore... I got to the room where you get chased by 2 zombies and you have to get a strange green thing from a big glass container. I have no ida how i managed to get there with this framerate that i started getting. Now it is just like i am looking at screenshots that are changing every 2 seconds. I can't do anything. I restarted, closed everything (including Explorer) and tried it but it was the same Sad. I didn't have problems with Overture, the demo of Black Plague and the begining of the full game. I have a good computer with 1GB RAM, 256Mb and 3gHZ processor. I play Quake4 without any problems but i can't play Penumbra: Black Plague Sad.
Please help me.

Edit: I also tried turning everything (graphics mostly) to minimum.

RE: Unplayable - jens - 02-14-2008

Have you tried rebooting(or was that what you meant by restarting?) the computer?

RE: Unplayable - str1990 - 02-14-2008

it didn't help Sad

RE: Unplayable - GrayChild - 02-14-2008

Have you updated your card's drivers and which video card do you use?

Have you tried this hotfix?

RE: Unplayable - jens - 02-14-2008

Have you tried loading a game from before the point where it started to lag? It could be that something really odd happened that time and replaying from an earlier save could solve it.

RE: Unplayable - str1990 - 02-14-2008

I will try the fix
And i cant remember when it started. I remember at first there was just a bit of it, then slowly it kept getting worse and worse. And now when the screen flashes the game freezes for around 10 seconds.

RE: Unplayable - str1990 - 02-14-2008

The fix didnt fix it. And i should correct myself. The frames dont change every 2 seconds. They change every 6-7 seconds Big Grin

RE: Unplayable - str1990 - 02-14-2008

I noticed that as i get closer to the ending the FPS gets worse and worse Sad
I am stuck because of the FPS Sad
I'm gona cry now Sad

RE: Unplayable - jens - 02-14-2008

hmm, no idea really what it could be. You could try to clear the cache for the game:
go to installation directory/redist/core/cache and delete the files in there.

RE: Unplayable - Thomas - 02-14-2008

Update your video card drivers and check so your graphics card is not overheated. And if you have vista, do not delete the cache.