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ATI HD Problems - Thomas - 02-14-2008

I honestly thought that the current HD problems would be fixed in a driver update, but considering that has not happned for quite a while its time to take matters into my own hands.

So, ordered a HD card and will start working on a fix the next week. Hopefully a patch will be available soon. When that is depends on the nature of the problem.

Just wanted to let you all know.

EDIT: Installed card today, fixed one bug and found fix for another. Now I am working on making the last fix fit with rest of engine.

RE: ATI HD Problems - HiViH - 02-14-2008

Very much appreciated o:

RE: ATI HD Problems - Kill Me - 02-14-2008

ok dude, thanks

But did you reported the bugs to AMD/ATI??

They generally take some days (or even weeks) to make a fix for a specific bug to their graphic cards

Well, thanks anyway for ur work

RE: ATI HD Problems - GrayChild - 02-14-2008

Thanks for the response.
Will be waiting. Smile

RE: ATI HD Problems - Thomas - 02-14-2008

Have been reported by me and several users shortly after release of Overture. I think I have waited long enough Wink

Hopefully it is a simple fix. Worst case scenario is that OpenGL-Cg (the shading language) is not fully compitable, which would mean a major rewriting of shaders.

RE: ATI HD Problems - Kill Me - 02-14-2008

ok thanks Wink

RE: ATI HD Problems - ownu00 - 02-15-2008

Thank you good sir!

RE: ATI HD Problems - Avignale3 - 02-15-2008

thank you so much, i can now have hope of figuring out what the game looks like when half the screen is not grey

RE: ATI HD Problems - undying - 02-15-2008

Much obliged :d

RE: ATI HD Problems - Ziborn - 02-16-2008

The only way to avoid the Texture bug is to set shaders to very low.. Sad