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prop fade - EXAWOLT - 07-03-2012

is the script SetPropActiveAndFade available to use for any entity?
if so...
i need to know what to type in the string:
void SetPropActiveAndFade(string& asName, bool abActive, float afFadeTime);
Activates/deactivates a prop.
asName - internal name
abActive - nothing to add
afFadeTime - time in seconds until prop fully fades

if anyone know them, please tell mehTongue

RE: prop fade - Cruzore - 07-03-2012

in the string, you type the name of the object to use it on. not too hard...

RE: prop fade - EXAWOLT - 07-03-2012

SetPropActiveAndFade("l2", "true", 1.0f);

tested like that, but didnt work, please correct the script for mehTongue

ok, now i see, the "" on true^^
thats the problem, thx

RE: prop fade - GoranGaming - 07-03-2012

the "true" does not need to be declared, so it should be:

SetPropActiveAndFade("l2", true, 1.0f);

RE: prop fade - EXAWOLT - 07-03-2012

SetPropActiveAndFade("l2", true, 1); also worked^^

RE: prop fade - Stepper321 - 07-04-2012

You can always find the error on your own. Also string is with "" and the name. bool is true or false, int is numbers like 1 2 3 4 5, float is 1.0f where you can put 1.0 as you want ( as long theres number.numberf (1.1f)