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foreign characters - EmmetVG - 07-04-2012

What's the code for the characters Å Ä Ö? Can't find them..


RE: foreign characters - MaZiCUT - 07-04-2012

What do you mean? Those are Swedish letters in the alphabet.


RE: foreign characters - kartanonperuna - 07-04-2012


RE: foreign characters - Traggey - 07-04-2012

Non-scandi keyboards do not have keys for these letters, he's asking for the alt + ???? code for Å Ä Ö

See what you do is hit the ^^ key without holding shift once, then hit O or A on your keyboard.

ö ä as for Å, I don't actually know.

RE: foreign characters - Adny - 07-04-2012

In the order you listed them in the original post, there are as follows:




and 0214

Hope that helped!

RE: foreign characters - EmmetVG - 07-05-2012

I'm swedish, and i know the ALT code, but when i put ex, Å in a note text, It shows up as a Ù in amnesia.. Is there a way to get the characters ÅÄÖ in the note?

RE: foreign characters - SilentStriker - 07-05-2012

You can't have ÅÄÖ in notes since they didn't add the characters to the font

RE: foreign characters - Your Computer - 07-05-2012

Make sure your LANG file is encoded using UTF-8.

RE: foreign characters - EmmetVG - 07-05-2012

Thanks your computer, That solved it.. You are always there to help! ;D

I googled "UTF-8 ÅÄÖ" and this came up, And i solved it.
å: Ã¥
ä: ä
ö: ö

RE: foreign characters - MaZiCUT - 07-05-2012

(07-04-2012, 10:01 PM)kartanonperuna Wrote: Scandinavian*

Scandinavia is Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark together. But i bet you know that alredy.