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Dream sequence - iverrya - 02-24-2008

Hello, first time poster here

I have no idea what to do in the room w/ the three barrels. Other threads say you must put the barrels over colored circles on the floor, but I don't even see the colored circles at all, even after pulling the switch. Not sure how to proceed , what am I missing here?

Thanks and awesome game

RE: Dream sequence - Cypherious - 02-24-2008

Hmmm....pull the trigger,till you see circles.Now test them.
When you pull a barrel over the circle,something will light up.
There are three circles among the others.

RE: Dream sequence - iverrya - 02-24-2008

Thanks for the response...

I noticed that when I pull barrels over certain places in the room it begins to sound like a fire is burning. The area with the noose begins to light up red. I keep trying the switch but I can only pull it once and the room goes dark...but still no circles of any kind. I just watched part of a video walkthrough on youtube and the person just goes into the room and pulls the switch and voila... circles appear that he then does the barrel thing on.

I now know what the circles are supposed to look like, but I still cannot see them.

Thanks in advance for anymore advice.

RE: Dream sequence - Schwarze Pest - 02-25-2008

Spoiler below!
Search for the three multicolored (red blue green) circles and put the barrels on them.


RE: Dream sequence - Penumbra - 02-25-2008

Weird, might be a glitch. Try loading from another save point and play to that part again.

RE: Dream sequence - iverrya - 02-26-2008

yes, that worked, it was just a glitch.


RE: Dream sequence - nexsum - 07-25-2009

(02-25-2008, 12:11 PM)Schwarze Pest Wrote:
Spoiler below!
Search for the three multicolored (red blue green) circles and put the barrels on them.

This solution hasn't changed until today, has it? Because I can see the circles and that sounded like the most logical solution to me already in the first place BUT no matter how accurate I place those barrels on those circles, nothing happens. Bug? Sad