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Name discussion! - Pigov - 02-25-2008

My second thread for today, as today is the day I completed the game Smile This one will hopefully be spoiler-free, so it should be safe to read for newcomers. I've made a pretty similar topic after Overture, but now it's time for a new one.

Anyway - what do you think the name stands for?

Penumbra- Overture
Penumbra- Black Plague

Wikipedia to the rescue;

"The umbra (Latin: "shadow") is the darkest part of a shadow. From within the umbra, the source of light is completely blocked by the object causing the shadow. This contrasts with the penumbra(Latin: paenes "almost, nearly" + umbra "shadow"), where the light source is only partially blocked and there is only a partial shadow."

"Overture (French ouverture, meaning opening) in music is the instrumental introduction to a dramatic, choral or, occasionally, instrumental composition."

Black Plague

Black Plague is an uncommon name for the Black Death which one killed about 50% of Europe's population.

Anyway - what do you guys the name suggests? Where does Penumbra fit in? Overture? How is the Tuurngait related to the black death?

I personally don't have any idea on it - none that I'm going to back up, that's for sure. I think that Penumbra might be Philip's behavior, and his relation to the Tuurngait. May it have to do with Philip's last known words, that the Tuurngait was mistaken about him?

I'm particularily interested in Overture - is it only a "kick off", a clever word used to start off the story, or does it have some meaning, concerning what happens in the game?

RE: Name discussion! - Penumbra - 02-25-2008

Well, at the start of Black Plague, you find a note that says, "Between light in dark there is a world of our own." (or something like that) Then it says "O."

RE: Name discussion! - Yuhaney - 02-25-2008

I don't know about the names and such, but have anyone noticed that in Black Plague, when the game starts, and you find a note in one of the lockers of the desk.
There's text wich says something like this: "There's place between light and shadow", which is same as the Penumbra.

So it's the same thing that you find from Wikipedia...

RE: Name discussion! - Kedjane - 03-03-2008

Penumbra probably referrs to either the Tuurngait, wich are spirits usually said to live inbetween light and dark or most likely to some plot they thought of while making the tech-demo.
Black Plauge obviously referrs to the plauge, which causes people to turn grey-skinned and black-eyed.