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Boxed version? - Rhapsody Guru - 02-25-2008

Hi... is there a boxed retail version of this game? Thanks!

RE: Boxed version? - EliasCamber - 02-25-2008

Yep, I got mine at GameStop. Not quite as nice as Overture's box IMHO.

RE: Boxed version? - WindexGlow - 02-25-2008

Yes, I got mine in the mail a week or so ago. It feels kind of cheap =[

RE: Boxed version? - Lotz - 02-26-2008

They should put out a special edition, maybe with both Overture and Black Plague in a nice metal box. Smile

RE: Boxed version? - Linux.Blue - 02-26-2008

they should have had the other logo/picture on there. the one found at
that would have been great!

RE: Boxed version? - Kedjane - 03-03-2008

Wait a moment, is this guy asking if you can buy the game in with a box? Obviously, it comes boxed in all videogame stores!

RE: Boxed version? - Fatbaticus - 03-08-2008

I got mine from ebay they don't sell it in australia Sad but hey ebay works! Tongue

RE: Boxed version? - Rhapsody Guru - 03-13-2008

Hmm... I wonder if the boxed game has the Linux version in it?

RE: Boxed version? - Linux.Blue - 03-13-2008

sadly, no. I wish they did, for that's basically all I use. (my avatar is a hint I use it Wink ).