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Artifacts (spoiler warning) - Gyne - 02-28-2008

Ok, so I've played through the game several times to find all ten artifacts--so far I have found only seven.

Spoiler below!
3-storage room
6-maintenance room
7-dog kennel

Anyone know where the others are?

RE: Artifacts (spoiler warning) - Linux.Blue - 02-28-2008

oops. sorry. I thought of one, then saw you listed it. can't remove this post of mine.

RE: Artifacts (spoiler warning) - lake_utuqaq - 03-03-2008

Spoiler below!

There is one in the rightmost toilet in the Research room.

There is one in a desk drawer in the room where you put that strange substance into the container with the remote controller.

RE: Artifacts (spoiler warning) - lake_utuqaq - 03-03-2008

Here is complete list of artifact locations: