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Annoyance - Doffy90 - 02-28-2008

Its quite annoying that you can't bring down the window so that you can return to windows. (CTRL + TAB)

So I would like to maybe have that in future games or possibly the update for BP, if there is one coming.

RE: Annoyance - Thaliur - 02-29-2008

it is possible, by using [Windows]-D

RE: Annoyance - eliasfrost - 02-29-2008

Or you could try ALT + tab.

RE: Annoyance - Linux.Blue - 02-29-2008

Alt+tab works with another program running in the taskbar.

RE: Annoyance - Klayman - 02-29-2008

Alt + Tab is working for me Smile

RE: Annoyance - eliasfrost - 02-29-2008

Me to. And i have no other programs running at all.

RE: Annoyance - Doffy90 - 02-29-2008

Hmhm I remember trying it and it didnt work for me. Also I ment ALT + TAB not CTRL xD