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Starting :) - DanielDiazGaliana - 10-01-2012

Hello all,im new at forum. dont know if this post`s place is here
im starting with hpl2 scrips and i am havieng some traouble. is here the
place to post scripts or ask for some help?
thank u all and sorry for my bad inglish xd

RE: Starting :) - Eliphas - 10-01-2012

"Development Support
For people working on Custom Stories, Total Conversions and modifications. Use this forum to help each other solve development issues. To ask about scripting, level creation and so on."

Hello. You should try here. And By the way, you should describe the problems you encounter in order to get some help.

RE: Starting :) - DanielDiazGaliana - 10-02-2012

ty man Smile