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Outlast - Deep One - 10-18-2012

Outlast is a survival-horror game built on Unreal Engine coming from new studio Red Barrels. The Montreal-based studio was founded by industry veterans from Ubisoft and Naughty Dog, with Outlast being the newly formed outfit's first game. Outlast is set to debut in 2013 for the PC through digital distribution channels. Outlast stars journalist Miles Upshur, who breaks into Mount Massive Asylum, located in the isolated mountains of Colorado. The long-abandoned asylum has been recently re-opened by the "research and charity" branch of the Murkoff Corporation and, acting on a tip, Upshur breaks in to ascertain
exactly what the corporation is up to. If there's one thing we're certain of, it's that Upshur will probably come to regret that decision.

Any thoughts? I think it looks like a mixture of Amnesia and upcoming point-and-click game "Asylum". I'm definitely looking forward to this.

RE: Outlast - Chap - 10-18-2012

Not heard about this until now but it looks pretty awesome! I'm interested to see how the gameplay and interaction is though ^^

RE: Outlast - Deep One - 10-18-2012

(10-18-2012, 10:01 AM)Chap Wrote: Not heard about this until now but it looks pretty awesome! I'm interested to see how the gameplay and interaction is though ^^
No wonder, game was announced yesterday Smile

RE: Outlast - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 10-18-2012

First half of the trailer looks awesome. The atmosphere is spot on. However I don't really like the second half with those stereotypical Zombie-like thingies chasing the player. I dunno...not only do they show the monsters, which is a big no no in my book, it also seems like too much action for my taste. But then at least there doesn't seem to be any fighting, so maybe this is just one part of the game to spice things up a bit and the rest is more slow-paced gameplay?

But eh, somehow I can't shake the feeling that these guys were a little too influenced by their former companies. Maybe someone who worked for naughty dog or ubisoft for years simply can't grasp the finer nuances of subtle horror? Or maybe its all just a misunderstanding because they didn't quite choose the right scenes for the trailer to appeal to someone like me Wink (maybe they're just used to having an audience with a shorter attention span ^^) In any case, I guess I'll just try it when it comes out.

Outlast Horror Game - Googolplex - 10-18-2012

"There's been a lot of great games out there about horrific monsters eat the brains - we want Outlast is scary because you know that the enemies in the game use their brains yet!". It announces Studio Red Barrels in the PC-exclusive survival horror game Outlast.

Outlast in the player in the tradition of the games Amnesia as a journalist explored the remote ┬╗Mount Massive mental hospital." There were many years in private patients treated on behalf of the shady Murkoff Corporation. That it is not done properly, the player finds himself in the role of the reporter Miles Upshur soon after its collapse in the system out first hand: The complex is in ruins and grotesque characters lurking everywhere.

The developers there is, however, essential to establish the fear of the player as the greatest enemy to Outlast. Whether Miles Upshur defend themselves so may or like in Amnesia, Slender, SCP & Co doomed to remain running away, is still unclear. How could run the game, already shows a first teaser video.

Red Barrels are not beginners: the indie studio is made up of employees who have previously worked on major brands such as Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell and Uncharted.

Outlast will appear in summer 2013 exclusively on Steam for PC. On 31 October, the developers want to show new material to Outlast.

RE: Outlast - Robby - 10-18-2012

Very interesting indeed. I like these kinds of games.

RE: Outlast - Deep One - 10-31-2012

Full trailer is out:

Looks pretty good if you ask from me, let's just hope that there's not too many jumpscares.

RE: Outlast - Zaffre - 11-01-2012

It looks real interesting but I'm tired of seeing asylums in survival horror games now. It's always a mental asylum, a children's school, things like that. They're made to creep you out because of the setting but after it happening so much it just gets old. Let me name some games that have stereotypical settings, though they may be upcoming:

Asylum. Slenderman's Shadow, with its asylum and its elementary school. Slender: The Orphanage.

I know two of those are Slenderman games but I still included them simply because they are there. Games with original settings, like the upcoming Routine, have me intrigued. Ones with these kind of settings don't.

IGN calls Outlast, "The next Amnesia" - bluel0bster - 03-27-2013

Wasn't sure what to think of this game, but according to IGN it's creepy as hell. Here's a link to the article covering their impressions from the demo, and it also has the trailer embedded in the page:


RE: IGN calls Outlast, "The next Amnesia" - No Author - 03-27-2013