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Penumbra overture changes - lizard lips - 10-24-2012

There are a few changes i would like to see in overture. One is that the maximum resolution is 1280X1040 while the black plague was higher. I would also like to see refraction in it. I would also be nice if there could be rotating in there as well. You cant rotate an object in it.

RE: Penumbra overture changes - Statyk - 10-24-2012

The hell are you on about? Overture is in the past for the developers. These implementations were already put in HPL2. Going back is pointless and a waste of time/resources.

RE: Penumbra overture changes - Yuhaney - 10-24-2012

I agree with Statyk. Game is already old.
Actually as old as my time on this forum, now that I think about it...
I would laugh if Nintendo started to reproduce an updated cartridge of Super Mario Bros. or Zelda II for NES or any other company would do the same for their games.

But anyway, jokes aside, you can still easily change the resolution by following these instructions.

RE: Penumbra overture changes - lizard lips - 10-24-2012


RE: Penumbra overture changes - Zaffre - 10-26-2012

(10-24-2012, 11:44 AM)lizard lips Wrote: Sorry.
It's not a problem; you didn't know. Anyway, if I'm correct, this was Frictional's first real game, though I may be wrong on this. They weren't sure what to implement, and there are some things missing that you might see in more modern works like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Sorry to burst your bubble, but these things won't be implemented any time soon.