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Steve Alten MEG series - The Rock Worm - 11-05-2012

After reading all of the current books in the MEG series, I've decided
to start a thread on the subject. Here you can talk/post any and all
things related to the series. I've placed this here in the Amnesia section because I do include the option of having talks on Megalodons in Amnesia.

Below is the current book series in chronological order:

MEG: Origins [Although a prequel, it does spoil what The Trench is about, so this should be read after reading The Trench.]
MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror
The Trench
MEG: Primal Waters
MEG: Hell's Aquarium
Steve Alten is currently working on MEG: Night Stalkers
which is to be released with the first MEG movie (2013). While he says
that this upcoming book will be the last one, I've heard that book 4 was
also to be the last before he changed his mind.

I personally am
looking forward to the next book and movie. I've noticed that, even
though a book maybe popular, it takes the movie form for fan artwork to
really appear. With a movie release, all kinds of Megalodon products
would be out (I've tried looking online for a Megalodon toy/action
figure in the pre-MEG Movie era. Aside from this tiny toy, Megalodon
toys are practically non-existent.

For an idea on Megalodon size,
here is an image I found of a 68' Megalodon to a 40' Tyrannosaurus Rex and of
course the MEG book cover featuring a MEG with the mightiest dno king as
her lunch

please, share your thoughts on this series, Megalodons in general
(including survivability), and how to have a MEG in Amnesia.